Required Kit

All swimmers are required to have certain items of kit with them at all times when at training. This is to make sure that they are able to train effectively at all times. Several items that make up the required kit can be purchased from the clubs kit shop. The items that swimmers are required to have with them at all training sessions are displayed below.

If a swimmer fails to bring these items then they may not be allowed to swim. This is down to the coach which is coaching the swimmers lane for that particular session.

When swimmers join the club they are given a club water bottle and a club swim cap for free, which are theirs to keep. They will then be required to bring them to all training sessions.

If a swimmer losses or damages either of them or they wear out. Then the swimmer will have to purchase a new one from the club kit shop.

Correct Swim Wear


It is imperative that all swimmers wear correct clothing during training and competitions. Female swimmers must wear a one-piece suit, two piece swimsuits and bikinis are not allowed. While male swimmers must wear tight fitting shorts smilar to Speedo Jammer Shorts, baggy swim shorts or any other baggy swim wear isn't allowed.



All swimmers are required to wear goggles during training and competitions. They will help protect your eyes against the chlorinated freshwater and help improve your clarity and vision while swimming.

Club Water Bottle (750ml)


All swimmers are required to bring a club water bottle to all training sessions. This is because it is imperative that all swimmers have a drink with them when on poolside, in order to keep hydrated during training and competitions.

Club Swim Cap


All swimmers are required to wear a club swim cap to all training sessions. Swimming caps are an important part of swimming for multiple reasons, they will help you go a little faster, help you stay a little warmer and help protect your hair form the pool chemicals and the sun.